There's something charmingly self-deprecating about all the weary love songs penned by singer-songwriter Chris McVicker, aka Swiftumz. In fact, McVicker seems to possess an intuitive knack for blending sincerity with the faintest trace of cynicism. What's more, he backs it all up with impeccably catchy, garage pop songwriting that would impress even Brian Wilson...- East Bay Express

Cruel Summer

“Though this jangly, syrupy group makes you see bright colors and effervescent tones, there is a level of darkness creeping beneath it all that manages to offset the sweet, laid-back beats with levels of refined depth.” - Impose

Maus Haus
San Francisco's Maus Haus sound like a confection of Kraftwerk, the Beach Boys and Sonic Youth, ground up and re-formed into a filet of raw cool. Amid bursts of glitchy noise, dirty drums and buzzy synthesizers, the band keeps the whole thing fun—with catchy vocals and hypnotic rhythms. The band was awarded "Best New Synth Rockers" from SF Weekly and "Band of the Year" from The Deli Magazine. 

The Botticellis

The Botticellis take as many cues from '60s surfer pop as from 21st century art rock. The San Francisco quintet's music is radiant and lushly orchestrated. Guitars shimmer with ringing flourishes. The glowing harmonies and melodies are timeless...- NPR