Cruel Summer
'Leeches' Lathe Cut 7"
This single sided, hand shaped and pressed one at a time, individually cut lathe 7" comes with added snaps, crackles, and pops unique to every record. Album artwork printed on a high quality clear transfer. Check out the Video here
Limited Edition of 65 • Crystal Clear Acetate

San Francisco Popfest
'2014 Sampler' Cassette + Button package
Just in case you missed this years AMAZING popfest you can at least get yourself a button and the cassette to fill the void! This cassette features unreleased covers, lost tracks and super gems by the likes of: Dressy Bessy, Lunchbox, Rocketship, Bilinda Butchers, Bart & Friends, The Mantles, Boyracer, Wimps, Imaginary Pants, Sad Numbers, The How, Swiftumz and Terry Malts.
¡Bonus Popfest glow in the dark button set!
Very Limited Edition (almost gone) • Artwork by Jay Howell 

'Love ya 4 eva' 7"
Two tracks offering pop drenched, love soaked, toe tapping tunage only Swiftumz is capable of.
a. love ya 4 eva :: b. klik klak
Limited Edition 200 • Hand Letter pressed cover art by Jay Howell
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Cruel Summer
'S/T' Cassette + Digital Download
Reminiscent of the mid to late '80s C86 and SARAH 
catalogue, offering up six tracks of shimmering 
guitars and hazy, fuzzy pop their first ST/EP out now 
on cassette on rocinante, and on vinyl at Mt. St. Mt.
Limited Edition 150 • Hand Letter pressed with Lavender Cassette

Maus Haus
'winter / zig zag' 7"
Winter/Zig Zag, is a perfect slice of their schizophrenia: “Winter” is a sunny psych venture with a haiku-like lyrics about hibernating responsibility.“Zig Zag” propels the listener through a maze of sounds while sonically referencing Bollywood, Cambodian Rocks! compilations, and old spy films.
Limited Edition 300 • White Vinyl 

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The Botticellis
'Old Home Movies' lp
The debut album from the Botticellis, is polished, orchestral, and surprisingly subtle, with a remarkably full and mature sound for such a young band. The classic, larger than life production is full of delicate flourishes; the Botticellis’ stylized sound echoes the production aesthetic of some of the great 70s pop records from Big Star, Chris Bell and George Harrison. 
Limited edition 500 • Clear Blue Vinyl